Corruption and Poor Governance

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The argument that there is no point in giving ODA to Africa because of its corruption is false. While it is true that corruption occurs, it is much less prevalent than it was in the early 1990’s. Many African countries have transformed themselves into democracies since then and are making concentrated attempts to eradicate corruption. (Sachs, 2005, p. 315) We in Canada would be wise to not belabour this argument given our own previous government’s sorry record of dishonesty and sponsorship scandals.

Another common argument against giving ODA is that Africa suffers from poor governance. Without better governance, the argument goes, money is wasted and aid is therefore undeserved. However, studies have shown that African countries do not suffer from worse governance than other poverty-stricken countries, even those who have recently improved their economic lot and begun to eradicate extreme poverty. They are on a par. Instead, it is Africa’s geography and disease that have held it back from overcoming poverty. (Sachs, 2005, p. 312-313)

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