Other Partnerships

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Other partnerships might include the following:

— The Agriculture Institute of Canada, partner as mentioned previously with Malawi University, could provide essential information on growing crops and maximizing crop yields, one of the few areas in which BCIT does not offer courses.

— Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) may match funds raised for overseas projects (Ellen Hayakawa, personal communication, October 7, 2006).

— Vancity Credit Union has a (Shared World) term deposit that members can invest in. These funds then support microcredit programs in developing countries. Vancity might help with funding or participate in a microcredit program for the village or institute that we adopt. (Vancity, 2006)

— The Stephen Lewis Foundation, founded to help fight AIDS in Africa, gives grants and may be interested in helping to fund this venture. (What We Do, 2006)

With research and networking, more partners and funding sources could undoubtedly be found.

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