The Action Plan

SummaryAcknowledgementIntroductionWhy Should We Help?The BenefitsThe Venture ItselfHow to Avoid the Marie Antoinette SyndromeThe Action PlanConclusionSelected Bibliography

The action plan for this venture is as follows.

6.1 Getting started

First, I would like to request release time from teaching, possibly under a Dean’s Research Grant, to pursue and research this opportunity further (after going through the appropriate channels and with approval from my department, of course). I would also write and publish an article based on this report after the venture is underway.

6.2 Making contacts and further research

The next step would be to make contacts and research as follows:

1. contact Jeffery Sachs about adopting an appropriate village and working with the Earth Institute at Columbia University
2. research a possible educational institute to adopt
3. contact CIDA about funding
4. research and contact other non-government organizations about funding
5. contact the Stephen Lewis Foundation about a possible grant
6. contact the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation about a possible grant
7. contact Vancity about getting possible funding or setting up a microcredit program in the village we adopt
8. contact Commonwealth of Learning, an international organization in Vancouver funded by the Commonwealth countries to create curriculum, about possible curriculum development
9. contact the BCIT Foundation about possible funding
10. start a fundraising campaign if necessary to set a basis for matching CIDA funding
11. liaise with the unions at BCIT about possible involvement
12. liaise with BCIT departments about possible student and faculty contributions.

6.3 Getting publicity

After getting the venture underway, I would then like to publicize it by working with BCIT’s publicity department, contacting the appropriate media, giving talks, and publishing the article mentioned above.