SummaryAcknowledgementIntroductionWhy Should We Help?The BenefitsThe Venture ItselfHow to Avoid the Marie Antoinette SyndromeThe Action PlanConclusionSelected Bibliography

I would like to thank the following people, without whom this report would not have been possible:

The Academic Committee of the Communication Department and Elaine Decker, Associate Dean of Computing and Academic Studies, who approved my PD leave and thereby gave me the time to research and write this report

Dale Hamilton, who is, as always, unstinting in his support, encouragement, and belief in me

Charleen McBeath, who listens sympathetically and with inexhaustible interest and who is unfailingly in her support

Robert Trowhill, who patiently answers all my computer questions and whose generosity is boundless

Autumn Scott and Chuck Easton, whose interest and encouragement at a critical time were inspiring

Annie Walker, who also inspired me with her enthusiasm and who suggested the idea of forming partnerships with other organizations

Valerie Neil, for her excellent proofreading and kind words

Bev Lowen and Elinor Hudon, of the BCIT Faculty and Staff Association, for their support of my PD leave

Chris Liotta, program head of the Liberal Studies Department at BCIT, who gave me information about Liberal Studies courses and programs at other polytechnic institutes across Canada

Ellen Hayakawa, occasional fundraiser for Dr. Chandra Sankurathri, who gave me the information about CIDA’s matching funds.