How We Are Helping Children

Just outside the village primary school, the children show off some of the school supplies, toys, sports equipment, and books that the AVPA shipped them in 2008.

Everything the AVPA does in Okaseni Village helps children.

Thanks to the water system upgrades we funded (2007 and 2008), the kids do not have to spend as much time getting water. The electricity installed in the village school (2008) makes it easier for them to do schoolwork. They will eat more nutritious food because the microcredit program (2008 to the present) allows their mothers to earn more income.

However, the AVPA has a critical objective specifically for children: keep them in school. We pay the school costs for children who might not otherwise be able to go because it is beyond their parents’ means. About 20 children in the village need such help. In 2008, we were able to pay for eight of them, and fortunately, because of the generosity of our donors, we paid for all of them in 2010.

These Okaseni kids can now go to school thanks to the generosity of AVPA donors.

These school costs include school fees, uniforms (mandatory in Tanzania) and basic supplies (a few notebooks, pens and pencils).

One of the Okaseni school kids receives a school uniform paid for by the AVPA.

We are also keen to improve the situation at the school. It needs nearly everything. In 2008, we shipped a container to Okaseni Village with teaching materials, school supplies, and about 20 cartons of kids’ books. We also sent many, many boxes of toys and other fun things that kids would like.

On our 2010 trip to Tanzania, we were accompanied by several other people, and all of us lugged extra suitcases filled with teaching and school supplies, amongst other goods for the village. While we were there, we bought textbooks for the Grade 6 class and many other school supplies. Also on that trip, two of our companions taught English and math classes to the students.

Please consider donating to keep next year’s needy kids in school. We also want to offer classes to the teachers to improve content knowledge and teaching skills – another huge potential benefit to the kids of Okaseni Village. Your help is needed!

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