Malaria nets and the best laid plans

Jun 15th, 2012 | By | Category: Updates

With the funds raised for malaria nets, the AVPA can now purchase other necessary things for Okaseni Village, such as goats — like this one, who seems to have just gotten his hair done.

If you’ve been getting our recent updates, you know the Africa Village Project Association (AVPA) has been raising funds to purchase malaria nets for Okaseni Village.

We put on the wildly successful Africa Night in October and sold cards with moveable nets at the 2010 and 2011 Christmas Craft Fairs on Bowen. (We also scheduled two dance party/workshops this spring but unfortunately to cancel because of low ticket sales – bad timing). About $13,000 was raised, enough to buy nets for everyone in the village.

Dale and I are leaving for Africa tomorrow (Tuesday, June 4, 2012) and planned on this trip to buy these nets. But about two weeks ago, we got word that the government of Tanzania had purchased and distributed nets to the country. This endeavour was funded by the Gates Foundation and the Global Fund.

So all our plans for the purchase and the slavery on the various fundraisers by many wonderful people were for naught. Well, sort of. This is of course fabulous news! The villagers are now protected from malaria, and the AVPA can now focus on other things. New ventures include starting a vegetable garden and purchasing layer chickens to improve nutrition, running workshops for the teachers to improve skills, and finding a market for the village’s coffee crop.

So the best laid plans do sometimes get derailed — but not always in a bad way. Sometimes we just get rerouted to a shiny new track for an exciting zoom to a new adventure. Wish us luck! Will keep you posted about our trip.

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