Fall Newsletter: September 6, 2010 (Issue 10)

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Diane with Sarah and the village ladies in the new mini-dispensary.

Autumn greetings!

The coolness in the early September air says that autumn is on its way. All the best for a great fall!

My apologies for the long delay since the last AVPA newsletter. My very heavy workload and our June trip to Tanzania put the kibosh on any spring or summer newsletters. However, the good news is that I have lots to tell you about!

June trip to Okaseni Village

Our third trip to Tanzania this June was quite successful, and very different from our earlier trips in that we were accompanied by five other people: three BCIT instructors, the husband of one of the instructors, and the daughter of Valerie Neil, one of the AVPA board members.

The different talents and interests of our companions gave us new perspectives and allowed us to accomplish much more than Dale and I could have done by ourselves. It may take a couple of newsletters to give you a full report!

Medical dispensary

One of the BCIT instructors who came with us, Diane Van Paridon, teaches Medical Laboratory Science. She noticed that many of the village kids have deep scars on their faces, arms and legs, a result of cuts getting infected because they had not been treated with antiseptic.

Diane shows the ladies and Melki supplies in the mini-dispensary cabinet.

Diane suggested setting up a small dispensary in the village. We were delighted with her idea, as was Melki, the village chair, who found space for the dispensary in a house near the office.

With $800.00 of AVPA donations, Diane and Sarah Neil, Valerie’s daughter, who has a BSc and is interested in all things medical, bought supplies and storage cabinets. They then set up the dispensary and stocked the cabinets.

Diane trained several Okaseni ladies on how to use the supplies. The dispensary will enable the ladies to help keep their fellow villagers healthy.

Thanks so much, Diane and Sarah – your wonderful work is very much appreciated!

Your donations at work

Dale and I would like to thank you as well. Your donations funded this mini-dispensary and new service to Okaseni – much appreciated!

Cheers, Sheena Ashdown

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