Summer Newsletter: July 21, 2009 (Issue 6)

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Summer Greetings!

Isn’t summer the best? In British Columbia right now, we are enjoying gorgeous weather, very welcome after a long, cold winter.

Official Charity Status

Great news – we are now an official Canadian charity! On June 4, we received notification from Revenue Canada that we had been given charity status. Happy day! It took about 1½ years to complete the process, which involved submitting a lot of paper.

You can now get an official tax deductible receipt for any donations you make to the Africa Village Project. As an official charity, we can now apply for grants and get publicity so we can do even more work in Okaseni.

Garage Sale

Robert, AVP board member, shows off some of the treasures he found at the AVP garage sale. Cool hat, Robert!

Our first ever AVP garage sale was held on Saturday, June 27, at the Lions Hall on Rumble Street in South Burnaby.

When we got to the hall at 9:00 am that day, we discovered that the hall had been double booked. Yipes! For a moment, it looked like we might have to cancel the sale. But then we asked if we could hold the sale in the parking lot.

Yes, we could. So we set up tables there and got on with the sale. Surprisingly, we probably got more attention in the parking lot than if we had been in the hall. The sale went very well and we raised just over $740.00.

Most of the donations we received for the sale came from BCIT staff and faculty. Thanks so much for your generosity. You’ll be happy to know that many items sold and that the buyers looked thrilled with their purchases (including AVP board members, who unknowingly bought a lot of each others’ donations!).

Thanks also to everyone who helped on the day, including Jesse McBeath, Nadia Sidky, Sarah Neil, BCIT Med Lab students Clara, Henry, David, and BCIT Nursing Program Head Anne Houseman. Thanks as always to our awesome board: Dale, Charleen, Robert, and Valerie.

Lunch and Bowen Bake Sale Fundraisers

You are invited to two more fundraisers we have planned for the summer. The first is a garden party with live music, on Sunday, August 9. An official invitation is attached.
The second is a bake sale on Bowen Island, in late July or early August. If you’d like to help and/or contribute goodies, please let me know.

Thanks – as always!

As always, thank you so much for your support of the Project. We could not do this without you. (To donate on-line, please see below.)


Sheena Ashdown

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