Early Spring Newsletter: March 11, 2009 (Issue 4)

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Kathy Musial, Learning Commons Coordinator, sets up the baked goods table using African kangas as tablecloths.

Our first business donor!

We’d like to thank Cates Pharmacy on Bowen Island, our first business donor. On January 25, 2009, we received a $200.00 donation from them – as you can imagine, we were thrilled! Our sincerest thanks to Bud and Elaine.

If you live on Bowen, please do support this generous business and let them know that you appreciate their kind donation to the Project.

The Book and Bake Sale at BCIT

On Thursday, February 12, we held our first ever fundraiser at BCIT: a book and bake sale, in Town Square B on the Burnaby campus. The sale was a great success, and support was so strong that we held it over another day.

Deidre Brocklehurst, Archivist at BCIT, sets up books on the non-fiction table for the grand opening at noon.

We’d like to send our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who helped out. To those donated books and baked goodies, handled the room booking, helped set up the tables and the offerings, staffed the room during the sale, and who bought stuff, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

We received over 60 boxes of donated books and didn’t have enough tables in the room to hold them all. Volunteers scrambled to find more tables and commandeered several large ones from the nearby alcove.

Jean Scribner, Instructor, Communication Department, and Patricia Sackville, Associate Dean of Academic Studies, wheel another table into Town Square B.

We had such a delicious variety of baked goods that some people made a special trip back on Friday to pick up more of their favourites. The fudge by Louise Routledge, Program Head in Math, was a particular hit.

Over 60 people entered the draw and the winners were

James Brewer (Indigo’s certificate)

José Dimpoy (Home Depot certificate)

Martin Bollo (box of organic chocolate truffles from Cocoa West on Bowen).

Valerie Neil and Charleen McBeath, Africa Village Project Board Members, set up the entry table where customers entered the draw to win cool prizes.

James Brewer kindly donated the Indigo’s gift certificate back to the Project – thanks, James! We have not been able to get the gift certificate to José Dimpoy, so if you know her, please tell her to contact me at sheena_ashdown@bcit.ca or at 604.431.4968.

We raised $1,003.20 in sales and $334.15 in donations, for a grand total of $1,337.35. Your generous support of this sale means that we can continue the power project in Okaseni Village.

(Here’s a quick update: last week, we received an email from Tumaini Minja, our Okaseni contact. He said, “Electricity has already been connected to the school. This really is good news. Okaseni Primary School has been in operation since colonial times and . . . electricity is a milestone to the Okaseni community.”)

Wonderful! Your donations have made this successful project happen and your on-going support will continue to improve the lives of the Okaseni villagers.

Brenda Mason, Operations Manager, School of Construction and the Environment, checks out great buys at the kids’ book table.

Everyone who came to the sale was invited to a special presentation on the Africa Village Project on Wednesday, February 18. Thanks to all who turned up to find out about the Project.

Garage sale – and thanks!

We are thinking of having a garage sale fundraiser in April or May. Please save anything you might want to donate. I’ll keep you posted as to the date and place. As always, thank you for your generosity – your support is greatly appreciated. (To donate, please see below.)


Sheena Ashdown

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