Christmas 2008 Greeting

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The Okaseni Chairperson, Melki Mushi, surveys boxes shipped from the AVP.


The villagers of Okaseni send you their heartfelt thanks and best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The container that we sent to Okaseni Village this summer has arrived!! Melki Mushi, the Village Chairperson, has asked us to send you his sincerest thanks, as well as the deepest gratitude of the villagers.

We are thrilled that the shipment arrived safely, after an excruciating four-month delay in the Dar es Salaam port in Tanzania.

The bikes

If you donated one of the 34 bikes we shipped, you’ll get a kick out of this picture:

Melki, Village Chairperson (in the middle), and some villagers try out the bikes.

When we asked the villagers last year what they needed, they said, “Bikes!” Hardly anyone in Okaseni has transportation and there is no cheap transit system, so the bikes that you donated will allow people and goods to move more quickly and efficiently. Faster movement will improve the local economy and help in emergency situations, especially health crises.

The sewing machines

As well as bikes, the villagers requested sewing machines. We sent 14 of them. If you donated one, you might see it in the pictures below:

A villager checks out one of the treadle sewing machines.

Did you donate this electric sewing machine?

The villagers plan to set up a sewing room in the village office building, and anyone in the village who wants to use a machine will be welcome. These machines will give the women an opportunity to earn some extra income.

Providing such opportunities for women is a key element in improving the lives of everyone – women, kids, men – in the developing world.

Stuff for the kids

Okaseni children carry boxes of books, etc., from the village office to the primary school.

You gave so many wonderful donations for Okaseni that we shipped over 70 boxes of various goodies for the kids.

The primary school had no library and no books other than the textbooks the children use in class. Now they have over 1,000 English books, ranging from simple picture books to novels and non-fiction up to the Grade 6 level. (English is required for higher education in Tanzania.)

Tunde Alatise, the fellow who helped us with the shipping from Canada, donated some large items for kids, including a walker, tricycle, and playpen. Thanks for everything, Tunde!

Tunde’s items will be given to the kindergarten next door to the primary school.

Melki sorts through some of the items donated by Tunde Alatise.

If you donated crayons, pens, coloring pencils, books, stuffies, soccer balls, team uniforms, baseball mitts, dolls, other kinds of toys and balls, notebooks, etc., you can be sure that you have delighted and thrilled a little child on the other side of the world. As well, your donations of medical and/or teaching supplies will greatly help the local professionals do their jobs.

Thank you!

On behalf of Melki and the Okaseni villagers, we’d like to thank you so much for your generosity. Your donations will make life easier for the villagers and give them the chance to create a better future. All the very best to you for a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous 2009!

Cheers, Sheena Ashdown

The kids show off some of the stuff.

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