Message from Tumaini

Nov 2nd, 2007 | By | Category: Updates

Dear Sheena,

Greetings from Moshi.

I am back at home in Moshi from Kigali and have talked to Melki on the phone. He has informed me that the rest of the materials which were to be taken to Okaseni have already been delivered. He is now mobilizing people to participate in digging the line where the water tape will run. The short rains have not started yet as was expected so therefore something can get going before the rains. I will talk to him for more information on the progress when I meet him this week.

People from the Village whom I have had a chance to meet are very appreciative of what the project is doing in the Village. Yesterday as I was coming back home I met with the Ward Counselor (Mr. Mamboleo) and he promised to help make sure that the project activities are implemented as planned.

Today I also met the woman who is our neighbor whom you personally helped her so that her kid could go back to school. She says “Thank You”. I have also given your e mail to my mother who is keeping the money as you advised. I have asked my mother to email you on what is going on.

I take this opportunity on behalf of myself and my fellow Villagers of Okaseni to thank you very much for your time, effort and resources you have accorded to help our community through the Africa Village Project Association. As I mentioned earlier when we began communicating on this project, it was possible for you to decide to take the project elsewhere and your decision to help our Village is highly appreciated.

As you noted in the Village meeting, our fellow Villagers were not only touched by the support but your presence in the Village and willingness to share our problems we something special to them. This is the reason why they now consider you as part of Okaseni community.

Considering that I was in contact with you and had the opportunity to meet you and Dale when you came over here, I was very much touched by your willingness and commitment to make this project a success. I mentioned to Dale that based on my experience on how people spend their time in the West, you could as well decide to spend your holiday in a popular destination elsewhere in the world instead of having the trouble to come over to Okaseni and endure all the difficulties as you try to help us.

We very much appreciate your willingness to use your personal funds to help our community. It is only a few people who can do this, considering how difficult it is to earn income in your part of the world and the fact that you also must have other important responsibilities to attend to which needs funds.

What I can assure you is that your effort will not end fruitless. When Villagers in Okaseni will start to: get water easily, harvest more coffee crop and earn more income to meet their survival needs and take their kids to school, be able to protect themselves from malaria, have more forest cover in the Village which could conserve the environment and from which they can harvest trees, or have a school in the Village which can offer better services because of availability of electricity at the School, they will constantly remember you in their prayers.

We request that you continue supporting our Village. Please accept our apologies for anything which we could not done up to your expectations during your stay here. Again, thank you very much and we look forward to working with you on the project.

Best regards,
Tumaini Minja

Villager, Okaseni

Malkizedeck Mushi,

Chairman, Okaseni Village

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