Off to Africa!

Sep 18th, 2007 | By | Category: Updates

I have not been very good about updates lately but have a good excuse – Dale and I are going to Africa! It has been a crazy month getting ready to go. We’ve needed visas, vaccinations, plane tickets of course, clothes, all manner of medical stuff including mosquito nets, needles, etc., etc. Whew!

But I hope we are ready because we are leaving tomorrow. We are going to be visiting our first village partner, Okaseni in Tanzania. The purpose of the trip is to find out as much as possible about the village and how we can help them. We are also hopeful that we can get started on one or two projects, such as tree planting and repairs to the water system, which will make an immediate difference to the lives of the villagers. A friend, Sarah Neil, put together a medical supplies list for us so that we can check out buying supplies in Tanzania to set up a small dispensary in the village – thanks, Sarah!

We will also be able to meet our village contact, Tumaini Minja, and Melki Mushi, the village chairperson. It is thanks to them that the project has moved along as swiftly as it has. Their responsiveness and thorough information have been invaluable and much appreciated – we couldn’t have done this without them.

We’ll be gone for just over two weeks and will be back on October 5. I will try to post updates but it does depend on how often I can find access to the internet. Will definitely try to keep you posted.

Tutaonana (Swahili for goodbye)!



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