First Day of Spring


First Day of Spring

Tomorrow is the first day of spring. There have been a lot of challengers over the past year and this posting is long overdue! But I am very happy to report that the AVPA is going well. In the past
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The Africa Village Project Association

The Africa Village Project Association (AVPA) is a Canadian non-profit organization founded in 2007 by Sheena Ashdown and Dale Hamilton. Our mission is to partner with impoverished African villages to help them improve their standard of living and become self-sufficient.

Our first village partner is Okaseni, located on the southern slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro near Moshi in Tanzania. Okaseni is home to about 4,000 members of the proud Chagga tribe. To help them, we fundraise in Canada and then spend 100 percent of the money raised on projects in the village.

The AVPA is based on Bowen Island, British Columbia, Canada. It is registered under the British Columbia Societies Act and is an official Canadian charity (# 4551 5154 RR0001).

Proposal Report Proposal Report

Before we started the AVPA, we did a lot of research and gave it a lot of thought. This report explains the philosophical foundation for the AVPA - the heart of why we are working in Africa.
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Financial Report Financial Report

The AVPA spends 100 percent of all donated funds on various projects in Africa. Our financial statements show what projects have been funded and how much has been spent.
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How We Are Helping Children How We Are Helping Children

Parents in the developing world do their utmost to keep their kids in school because they know that education will improve children's lives. The AVPA helps by paying school costs and supplying education materials.
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Our Microcredit Program Our Microcredit Program

Can a loan of only $75 or $100 change a life? It can if it is given to an impoverished woman in a developing country. The AVPA's microcredit program wants to change women's lives.
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Latest Newsletters Latest Newsletters

Our (usually) bi-monthly newsletters let you know about our fundraisers, trips to Tanzania, projects in Okaseni Village that we have undertaken and our upcoming events.
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Okaseni Village Okaseni Village

Our first village partner is Okaseni, situated on the southern slope of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It faces many challenges but the villagers are hard working and resourceful. They live on small farms and grow coffee, bananas, and maize.
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